Time for this weeks plan.   I am sure some of you will call me out for switching again.   However, my premise remains the same.   The Mets have a ton of options they can use to be competitive in the NL again.There will be  a couple of very accomplished older gentlemen looking for a job this off-season.   They both have lots of negatives to go with their potentially very positive bats.   Another interesting link is that they both could fill slots for the 2010 Mets with very little commitment both in cash and years.   Another interesting link with the Mets is that they would both have backups who could and did start with some success last year in Murphy and Pagan.   So lets think this one out a little.   Delgado and Dye should both come on incentive based contracts.   Lets say the total is 8 million to start with and could reach 20 million with incentives.   That leaves the Mets with plenty of money to go get guys like Lackey/Halladay and another mid-rotation guy like Wolf/Marquis/Piniero.  The lineup would be patched:   Reyes, Castillo, Wright, Beltran, Delgado, Dye, Frenchy, Santos has a lot of potential.   Again you would have the ability to give Delgado and Dye plenty of rest with Murphy and Pagan on the bench.The rotation would be very solid:   Johan, Lackey/Doc, Wolf/Marquis/Piniero, Pelfrey, Perez/Maine.   This would also allow you more freedom to trade Pelfrey for Doc.Total price on this could easily be within budget and yet does not lock them into anything for the next year but the #2 pitcher.Thoughts on plan #345?