I grew up on Long Island and once I got my driver's license at age 16 I set a simple life goal of getting off the island so I would not have to sit endlessly on the L.I.E. or Northern State Parkway.  When you set attainable goals like that it is easier to get there than if you aspire to be rich and famous.

My wife and I have lived in the village of Saugerties (that's Exit 20 on the NYS Thruway if you're scoring at home) for over 30 years now.

This was a good place to settle because we're out of the way of NYC yet close enough that if the Mets ever became sustainably good we could still make it down to Flushing for games.  As you can imagine we haven't attended all that many games at Shea or CitiField over the years.

The newspaper we subscribe to - and have done so for years and years - is called the Kingston Daily Freeman.  In their sports page they always have an On The Schedule section so you can see where all the pro teams are for the next few days.

Notice what is missing in the one in this article's graphic.  Right, the Mets.

In what I thought was a tongue in cheek manner I emailed the sports editor of the paper and wrote:

Hi Mr. Rosner,

I notice that in today's On The Schedule page the teams listed are all three NY hockey teams, both NY basketball teams and the NY Yankees.

While a case can be made that the Mets and their inept ownership group can't really be called "Major League" it is disheartening to see them omitted from the teams being listed.

I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

Laurence Smith
Saugerties, NY




I didn't expect to hear back but the gentleman did respond a few hours later, rather apologetically.


Mr. Smith:

Thank you for your email.

My apologies for the Mets schedule not being listed in our On the schedule TV listings. It was a complete and regrettable oversight.

While we provide the content for what goes into the TV listings, the placement of the schedule is outsourced and for some reason, not sure why, they simply failed to place the Mets schedule with the others.

Totally my fault that I didn't check the schedule thoroughly (you kind of take for granted it's there and move on) to make sure all of the schedules were listed but I will make sure the Mets schedule returns for tomorrow's paper.

My apologies and thanks again for the heads-up.



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