You probably know how this works.  Carnac is given the answer in a sealed envelope and it's his job to use his mysterious powers to divine the question.

The answer is:  A 1-2-3 inning

The question:  What do you expect if Chris Young, Eric Young, and Ruben Tejada are due up for the Mets?


The answer is:  "We had a good run but now it's all over."

The question:   What do you hear in the locker rooms of the New York Rangers, the US World Cup soccer team, and the New York Mets


The answer is:  "Four more years!  Four more years!"

The question:  Approximately how long might it be until the Mets can be a .500 or better ball club?


The answer is:  "Population: 0 "

The question:  What does CitiField attendance figure to be like after the All Star break?


The answer is:  "Mr. Met, the Phillie Phanatic, and the Pirate Parrot"

The question:  Who are the members of the executive committee for the International Federation of Professional Baseball Mascots  (the IFPBM)?

The answer is:  Jake deGrom, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Jenrry Mejia.

The question:  Name a pitcher who can hit, a pitcher who can field and a pitcher whose parents never learned how to spell Henry.


The answer is "4 days rest"

The question:  What do Mets fans usually need after watching the team blow a late lead.


The answer is "Leading the majors in walks issued by pitchers and walks received by batters."

The question:  "When do the Mets fire the hitting coach and retain the pitching coach?


The answer is "Outta here!  Outta here!!!!"

The question:  Where will Kevin Burkhardt be at season's end?


The answer is: "Put him in the bullpen."

The question: What should a Met fan do if he encounters Jeff Wilpon in the city of Pamplona?



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