You can't be a self-respecting Mets blog if you don't offer commentary when the team makes a significant move.

Now we could finesse this on a technicality since unless the team trades David Wright or Matt Harvey no one else they have is particularly significant.  But we'll pretend that Friday's trade of Ike Davis is somewhat significant and we'll try to glean some knowledge or at least black humor from it.

#1  I think it's typically Metsian that they make a trade for two players but the one that can't be revealed yet is the one with the higher profile.   I believe this may mean that the player signed as a Bucco less than a year ago and therefore can not be named until this June.
Just saying that we hear about the soft-tossing guy they could have had in the Rule 5 draft before we find out who the real guy is.

#2  Isn't it tempting to tell Zach Thornton that we don't expect him to pitch even half-decently until midseason?  After all if the guy inherits Ike's roster spot there is a some tradition in the three month hibernation period.

#3  Didn't anyone else find it ludicrous that the Mets' announcers were saying that perhaps the team's inability to get a single hit off journeyman Aaron Harang was related to the upset they felt in losing their comrade?   Oh, please.  They couldn't hit Harang on Friday if they had gone up to the plate with tennis rackets.   This team, a minor disgrace on the road, is a fullblown disaster area at home.

#4 I don't buy for a second this "Now Lucas Duda can relax and be himself" business.  If Big Luke is destined to be a good major league player he could do so regardless of whose uniform Ike Davis is wearing.   I do know that firstbase defense has now gotten a good bit worse.  Neither Satin nor Duda have adequate range or hands for the position.  I expect it to get messy there pretty darn soon.

#5 This firstbase mess has lingered far too long.  You all must agree.  And yet the bigger mess,  much bigger in my opinion, is at shortstop.  But there - still nothing.    Unbelievable.