Recently we finally saw the end of the firstbase redundancy that the Mets have had for an overly long time.

Of course, in typical Mets' fashion we don't know even now how that has worked out for the team.  Sure, we do know that Ike is gone and has left the long side of the platoon to Lucas Duda.  And we know that Pittsburgh has sent along a righthanded reliever of dubious merit named Zach Thornton.   But the BIG piece of the Ike deal  - assuming there is a big piece -  well we don't get to learn his name for some months to come.  Perhaps in June.  But don't be nagging before then because both sides promise not to tell.

I suspect that by the time we get the answer we will have mostly forgotten the question.

"Oh, we got so-and-so from Pittsburgh?   That's nice.  Tell me again why they are  giving us a player."

We can all agree that Alderson got off his duff and did something.  But mostly he took an excess of mediocrity and cleaned it up.

But IMHO the position of firstbase was not the biggest disaster area on the team  - not the most festering wound.  Where that is,  and you can't possibly disagree, is shortstop.  You remember shortstop, the black hole that sits between David Wright and Daniel Murphy.  Bats 8th,  never hits,  only walks when it is intentional, and gets an extrabase hit about as often as Bart Colon.

Talk must be a whole lot cheaper than action.  

Somehow we manage to still have the worst shortstop in all of baseball, Ruben Tejada, playing there most days backed up by one of the worst backups in the sport, Omar Quintanilla.   Maybe that's not as stunning as it sounds because if Q were even minimally competent then he would surpass Ruben and take the job.  The fact that he can't just points out how abysmal this pairing is.

By being SO awful it makes me wonder on a daily basis why Alderson and his top lieutenants can't get an upgrade.

You know the suspects:

Stephen Drew -  here it is the price and the years and the draft pick that creates the hangup.

Didi Gregorius - he would have to be traded from an Arizona team which is even awfuller than the Mets.  And the question is whether he can even outhit Tejada/Q.   I think he can but Alderson keeps forgetting to text me for my opinion on the subject.

Nick Franklin - another trade candidate, this one from Seattle.  Everyone agrees that this young man will hit at the major league level but does he have the range for shortstop?

Wilmer Flores - See Nick Franklin except that he's already Mets property.  It's pretty likely that he'll be a bad joke defensively at the position.  But he could hit enough to still net out as a better choice than Tejada.  Remember, the bar is set so low that an upgrade is almost unavoidable.

The fact that miraculously the Mets' record remains around .500 is no excuse for dragging this torture out any longer.
Shortstop needs to be addressed and has needed to be for the better part of a year now.
Come on, front office,  DO SOMETHING!



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