Thanks to the considerable hacking skills of one of our interns here at THE REAL DIRTY METS the Di-Jest has been able to get the transcript of a fascinating exchange that occurred between new batting coach Lamar Johnson and his boss, General Manager Sandy Alderson.


These texts were exchanged at about 11pm on Monday, shortly after the Mets completed a most successful five game series in Philadelphia. 


S.A.: Congrats on some great work down there Lamar.  I knew you were the guy we needed for the job.  Now go get ‘em in Chi-town.


L.J.: Thanks Sandy.  I’m proud of all the guys and am confident that the best is yet to come.  I haven’t had all the time I need yet to “work my magic” but for the most part the guys are putting to work all my advice so far.


S.A.: All I can say is that the owners up here are real happy with what they’ve seen.


L.J.: Actually Sandy.  I’d hoped to do this face to face but we’re on the road for so long that I thought I’d bring this up now.  We put our deal together pretty fast and while you did give me a bit of a “token” raise I think I am making less than what most batting coaches make in the show.


S.A.: Now look Lamar.  That’s the Mets’ way, you know.  Getting money from Fred and Jeff is no easy matter.  I admit you’ve done some great work but what’s it been, seven games, right?  Let’s not jump the gun.


L.J.: I know your analytical mind Sandy so I am attaching a graphic I created showing the team’s runs scored in Dave’s last seven games and my first seven games in the same job.


S.A.: OK, I got it.   And I’ll admit 38 runs scored is a helluva lot more than 22.  That’s kind of why we gave Hudgy the heave-ho in the first place.  But with those marathons in Philly I could argue that you had a whole lot more innings to work with than Dave did.


L.J.: I’ll give you that one chief.  But exactly how many homeruns did Dave get from Tejada and Wilmer?  I’ll tell you – it was exactly zero, nada.   And for me they’re at one apiece and Wilmer’s was a slam that was hit so well it would have made it out of Citi, maybe out of the whole City, if you get my drift.


S.A.: I can’t argue that.


L.J.: And how ‘bout denDekker.  He got a nice hit in today’s game and jiminy-jo he never hits, even in Vegas.  Plus he saved our bacon with two great plays in the field.


S.A.:  You’re not trying to take credit for that too, are you?


L.J.: Nah, that goes to Goodwin for the defensive stuff.  But look I got Tejada going to the extent that Terry is starting to use him again.  Duda gave us that great dinger on Sunday.  Sandy – that’s all on me.  And I deserve to get paid for it.


S.A.: Frankly Lamar I just have to ask you to hang in there for a while longer.  But I tell you what.  You get both of the Youngs and d’Arnaud off the schneid and I’ll go to the mat with the Wilpons for you.


L.J.: OK, Sandy.  We’ll do it your way but I have to tell you that there have been some feelers already, behind the scenes, of some teams with sorry offenses.  And they are willing to pay some big bucks for Vitamin Lamar.


S.A.:  I get it Lamar.  Now get on that plane to Chicago and get us some more wins, or at least a decent number of runs.


L.J.:  OK Chief.  I’m on the case.  You can count on us.



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