Ah truthiness - how refreshing, how rare.   We get lies from our politicians and radio/TV commercials.  As Mets fans we get them from every level - player, front office, ownership.

What if for just one day everyone just spat the naked truth out there.  Here's the stuff I'd just love to hear.

Manager Terry Collins

I now realize that I've been totally wrong about Eric Young, Jr.  Somehow I got myself blinded by the one thing this player can do - steal bases - and managed to miss the things he can't do:   hit, hit with power, run the bases properly (except for those steals), judge fly balls, know where to throw the ball once retrieved.  
I have been playing EY over Juan Lagares quite a lot and now realize that this was wrong.  If I feel like I have to play Eric then I should sit Chris Young or Granderson more.

Similarly I now can see that the entire baseball world has been right about Scott Rice.  I throw him out there like he's Pedro Feliciano in his prime while I now see that he's more Pedro Feliciano at his nadir.   It's not like Alderson has given me any better lefty to work with but I need to recognize that Rice is the most marginal of lefty relief pitchers.

David Wright

Truth be told CitiField is still too friggen big - especially in that cow pasture they call right centerfield.  I'll admit that our former park, Shea Stadium, was a "dump" as so many have called it.  But if you hit a ball well there (in any direction) you got rewarded with a homerun.  Here I scorch a sucker just to see it gobbled up a few steps shy of the warning track.
Frankly I am embarassed to see that my TWO homeruns in mid-May puts me behind Murphy in that category.  It's scary to think that I'm only two ahead of Tejada in that department.  And he hits barely better than my Aunt Gertrude.

Saul Katz

Hell yes I'm ready to sell my share of the team.   I didn't get into the baseball ownership business for the opportunity to pour my own money back into a sinking ship.   I'm a family-first kind of guy and have been in business for decades with my friend and brother-in-law Fred Wilpon.  Since it's TRUTH DAY I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Jeff, the little snot.  But blood is thicker than water.
I'd hate to do something that will work out bad for Fred but I've got to watch out for myself here.  So if you know of a well-heeled person or comglomerate who wants a piece of Sterling Equities give him or them my number.

Sandy Alderson

These last four years have been a hell of a lot less enjoyable than I thought they'd be.  I really thought that we could do it all.  Bring the payroll down to make Fred happy or at least keep him afloat.  And then make those canny Moneyball moves that still would allow us to compete for championships.
None of this has worked except for the getting the payroll down enough to be considered a laughingstock in our sport.
And I remember JP Ricciardi and Paul Depodesta as such sharp guys when we worked together in Oakland.  Now all they seem to do (besides collecting their inflated paychecks) is bring me ideas for alternative camouflage jerseys.
So it's up to me to find "talent" like Farnsworth (and didn't that work out well) and Valverde.
I wonder whether Selig might recommend me as his successor because it's just not getting done here in Flushing.