Dear Diary,

I hadn't intended to write here in you so soon but I'm kind of excited and just busting with the news.  Tonight I learned that I. Daniel Murphy, am a National League All-Star.

I got the news in an unusual way.  I was home after our win today over the Texas American League guys  (we won 2 of 3 even though I didn't hit particularly well this weekend).   Anyway the doorbell rang and I answered it.  It was some delivery guy who immediately smooshed a whipped cream pie in my face, handed me a card, and then hightailed it back to his truck.

The note said, "Hey (I'll leave out the next word out of modesty), You made the All Star team."  And it was signed "Justin".   

That Justin Turner, even as an ex-teammate he wanted to get me and he did.  But I was so happy with the news that I didn't mind picking the whipped cream out of my hair.  I'll get him back some day if he ever makes an All Star team but we all know that that will never happen.

I am really humbled by the honor and know that if Matt Harvey was healthy or if David was having a more typical David Wright year they'd be the guys going.  Hell, even Niesy has been great for us but now his shoulder, the left throwing one, is a bit sore so he couldn't have even pitched if they named him to the team.  That tough break for him opened the door for me.

While it would have been nice to have the AllStar break to rest up and be home with Tori and the baby I am really psyched about being able to play alongside guys like Tulowitzki and McCutchen.   Usually I'm dealing with Ruben Tejada, Eric Young, or Chris Young.   It's like for one day I've been promoted to a higher league.

When I read the newspapers or look in on the blogs there are often people writing "Trade Murphy" or badmouthing my defense.

All I can tell them is I'm an All Star and you're not!  So there.



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