Some of you may have seen or heard about an article recently published in the Herald de Paris (translated that means the Paris Herald) which describes an elaborate scheme that ultimately will see the New York Mets moved to Montreal, Canada.


If you care to read the article here is the link to it:


Now with the way the Mets are playing right now I know that moving them to Montreal might be just too close and we would feel safer if they were in Winnipeg but that’s another story.


Also I am sure that many of you dismiss the article out of hand just by considering its source.  I wouldn’t be so quick to do so.  Personally I get my primary Mets news from blogs like the one you are reading, Amazin Avenue, and Metsradamus.  And then my chief source of Mets news among newspapers (remember them?) are the Oslo Nordic Examiner, the Minsk Post Gazette, and that self same Herald de Paris.   The beat reporter for that Minsk paper is most insightful.


This is not to say that I don’t have issues with the Herald’s story.  At one point the writer states:

“What does Willets Point have to do with the demise of the Mets, who are estimated to be the 2nd most valuable franchise in all of professional sports?”


Huh, come again.  Are you trying to say that the Mets are more valuable than the NY Yankees and/or the Dallas Cowboys?  Hell, the LA Clippers are being sold for $2 billion and they’re the CLIPPERS for God’s sake.   No, I’m not buying that line at all.


Later in the article the writer says:

“The sale of the team would yield the Wilpons $2 Billion, more than covering their ill-fated ballpark construction, and help Selig fulfill his shell game of moving teams hither and yon.”


First of all, as soon as you use the phrase “hither and yon” you lose me.  Speak English, Frenchie.   And second of all Bud Selig has done his share of sleazy things but I have not witnessed teams moving all over the place during his administration.  He may not be as slow to act as Sandy Alderson but he’s no hither-and-yon guy either.


That the Wilpons might be using the Mets as a stepping stone land grab is an intriguing notion.  But are they really clever enough to think of that and pull it off?  If they were that sharp you’d think they could find a way to produce a profitable major league baseball team.  And clearly they can’t do that.


Or maybe they’re just not trying.


But let’s go all in for a second and assume the following happens.

1- The Mets move to Montreal.

2- The Tampa Bay Rays move from Florida to Brooklyn.

3- The Rays’ owners become the owners of the Montreal team.

4- The Wilpons build a stadium in Brooklyn for Evan Longoria and company – but this time a REAL homage to the Dodgers.


For whom do you root then?


Personally, wherever the Wilpons go I’m heading elsewhere.



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