So I gather the big thing at the ballparks is what music to play when a hitter comes up or a relief pitcher comes in.  The players get to select some tune that gets their competitive juices all roiling.
I think it's time that players have walk up music that better reflects what we fans think of them or what the players think of their organization.
Since my formative years came in the 1960's you'll find that almost all of the tunes I've selected are from that era.  As a primer to the young people or nostalgia for the elders I'll include the YouTube link to the songs.

Let's start with the song for Dillon Gee.  I'll give him "Keep the Customer Satisfied" by Simon and Garfunkle.  The first line of the lyrics goes:  "GEE, but it's great to be back home."

(See above for video)


And when Curtis Granderson comes up we'll have a medley of George M. Cohan tunes:  "Grand Old Flag"  (get it? Grand?) and "Yankee Doodle Dandy."


Travis d'Arnaud needs a French tune or at least one sung by a Frenchman.  He'll stroll to the plate while the scoreboard shows Maurice Chevalier, in Gigi, singing "Ah, yes, I remember it well."


For Josh Satin  - come on, you knew I'd include him - we'll let THE GUESS WHO sing, "These Eyes."
Try as I might,  I couldn't locate a tune referencing eye brows, so close enough for government work.


And for the ever oppressed young shortstop whom everyone is trying to replace, Ruben Tejada.  For him it will be Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot."


Your friend and mine, Daniel Murphy, has been told that his on base percentage needs to improve.  To that end his walk up song will be from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons:  "Walk Like A Man."


Meanwhile you know what Juan Lagares would be singing to his manager.  "Put me in coach I'm ready to play...".  You got it -
"Centerfield" by John Fogerty


To get this guy's aggressiveness up let's use the Doors' "Light My Fire" to try to light a fire under Lucas Duda.


The other part of the firstbase "competition" is from Ike Davis. What better tune for him than the Animals' "We gotta get out of this place."


Both Chris and Eric Jr., the Young Mets, can share this one.  "Young At Heart."
Just as a concession to the younger crowd I'll show you the link to the Michael Buble version, not the Frank Sinatra one.


And now back to my generation.

For reliever Vic Black he can come storming in to the Rolling Stones' hit, "Paint It Black."

Jennry Mejia can use this one: "I'm Henry the VIII I am" from Herman's Hermits

and now let's have some walkup music for the manager and owner...

For Terry Collins what he really needs is a little of Aretha Franklin doing "RESPECT".

And if Jeff Wilpon ever deigns to try to throw out the first ball at a Citifield game (yeah, right, let him just try it) he can head to the pitcher's mound with Johnny Rivers singing, "Poor Side of Town."