Let's hit on a variety of subjects today rather than honing in on just one.

*****The LA Clippers' owner Donald Sterling is in some deep doo-doo these days because of some highly racist remarks he has made.   Now what could that have to do with our beloved Metropolitans?
This uproar on the left coast may end up with the NBA tossing that fool out of its league.
Getting my drift yet?
I constantly wonder whether anything in the world can get the Wilpon-Wilpon-Katz ownership group to relinquish the team that they clearly don't have the cash flow to own.
Unfortunately as long as Uncle Bud Selig is around the Wilpons appear safe.  But we know that Bud is moving on soon and perhaps his successor won't be as tied to them as Bud as has been.
Now we just have to figure out a way to get Jeffie to say a horrible thing about some minority group, be it African-Americans, Hispanics, Gays, or Cellists.

*****On pace for 91 wins.

Sorry, I'm not buying.  Every team has some up times and bad times.  The Mets have decided to get their upswing over early and that's fine and dandy.  I still think this is a 75 win team unless a couple of things happen.  One of those things would be an infusion of even better pitching, perhaps Montero and/or Syndegaard.  This, I think, will happen. The other thing is a significant upgrade at a weak position.  If Alderson finally gets off his duff and finds a solid shortstop to use rather than the laughably bad Tejada/Quintanilla tandem then perhaps this team could see the sunny side of .500.


Ideally a team has so much pure talent that its great pitching and superlative hitting make winning a snap.  The Mets are IMHO a subpar team in the talent department so it behooves them to find other ways to win.  It seems to me that the team possesses players with absolutely no feel for the how the game should be played.  People like Lucas Duda, Ruben Tejada, and Eric Young Jr. seem to have no idea where to be either on offense or defense.   Young is particularly a puzzlement since we normally associate fast players with these side skills.  But how many times have we seen him clueless as the runner on secondbase when a deep fly goes to the outfield.   Tag up?  Play it halfway?  Or stand there waiting for the light to turn green?  It seems he hasn't a clue.
Daniel Murphy gets unfairly pummeled on Twitter since he doesn't look the part of an athlete.  But you don't successfully steal bases without getting caught without a great feel for the job of baserunner.

*****It's the bullpen, stupid.

I recently wrote at Twitter that every time Manager Collins signals to the pen to bring someone in I always say to myself:  "Oh NO.  Not that guy!"    But since I say that about everyone I suppose there is no one to rely on.  
To his credit I think Collins now realizes how useless Scott Rice is versus righthanded batters and is trying to get him to face ONLY lefties.    I have real doubts that Valverde and Familia should be on the major league roster and am iffy on Germen too.
I also find it interesting that Farnsworth, our closer de la moment, gets the closer treatment so that no one will be warming up while he's pitching.  But a couple of weeks ago when he was a set-up guy there was never such a restriction.  Is Farnsworth a better pitcher now because he's the closer?

*****Bye bye Kevin

This will be Kevin Burkhardt's last season on SNY and on Mets' telecasts.  He's a rising star in broadcasting and FOX has hired him to do baseball, football, and basketball for them.  Congrats to him.  Well earned.
While the Mets' telecasts will be a bit worse without his talent I am happy that it is he that moves on.  As long as the SNY booth includes Gary, Keith, and Ron it will still be about the best the sport can offer.



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