Let's do a quick quiz.

During the AllStar break Daniel Murphy should:
(A) Get some much needed rest
(B) Practice running the bases
(C) Shave
(D) Think about what team(s) he'd most like to be traded to.

Ruben Tejada should be thankful
(A) That his hitting and fielding have been better than last year's disaster
(B) That his salary is low enough to be considered acceptable to Mets' ownership
(C) That his only competition at SS is Wilmer Flores who is defensively troubled and who hasn't hit a lick.

Chris Young's (notwithstanding Tuesday's magical display) one year, $7.25 million contract
(A) Is too long.
(B) Is too much
(C) Is totally wasted money
(D) Is par for the course in Mets' free agent history

Eric Young
(A) has one fan but luckily for him it's Terry Collins
(B) bats 9th since no higher numbers are allowed by rule
(C) steals bases proficiently
(D) strikes out incessantly

Terry Collins' recent successful use of the suicide squeeze
(A) shows creative "outside of the box" thinking
(B) may embolden him to try a hit-and-run play around the time of the next World Cup
(C) was a fortunate mistake.  He blew his nose (which was the sign) but it was due to allergies.

Travis d'Arnaud's success at AAA Las Vegas
(A) proves that he is ready for big league stardom
(B) proves that he can hit minor league pitching when it doesn't count
(C) will make the team think about raising CitiField several thousand feet and heating it to 90+ degrees every night

Sandy Alderson's hopes for a 90 win Mets season
(A) were DOA
(B) can only happen if Matt Harvey comes back 100% healthy next year
(C) may only happen when Michael Conforto is the team's LFer
(D) figures to happen under the next GM - or the one after that

We Mets fans miss
(A) Jose Reyes' infectious enthusiasm
(B) Josh Satin's eyebrows
(C) Frank Cashen and his bowties
(D) A payroll befitting a big market team

The Mets' most successful promotional event at CitiField will be
(A) Bring your dog to the stadium day
(B) Los Mets Hispanic day
(C) Banner Day
(D) Throw chewed gum at Jeff Wilpon day


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