Now you know it's unlikely that the quote that is the title of today's article refers to the Mets themselves.

After all what is actually good about the Mets other than Lagares' glovework, Anthony Recker's chiseled looks, and Murphy's ability to flick singles into short left field?

This past weekend my wife and I had overnight house guests.  While they are family (the ladies are first cousins) we think of them as good friends.  They live in the Baltimore area and Ted, a longtime baseball fan, is an ardent rooter for his Baltimore Orioles.   I'm fine with that.  Had he been a Yankees fan I might have made him sleep out on the lawn.

So after a delicious dinner that our guests treated us to we returned to the house where the Mets and Nationals were on the tube.

After just a few innings of the telecast Ted said definitively: "These guys are good!"   He was referring to our announcers Gary, Keith, and Ron.

Ted's hometown announcer is another Gary:  Gary Thorne.  

And Thorne is a fellow Ted knocks continuously.  He sticks in my friend's craw like Fran Healey did mine many years ago during the Dark Ages of Mets broadcasting.   Thorne screws up descriptions in the manner that John Sterling does Yankee radio calls.

Ted went on to notice the total lack of "homerism" among the the three Mets announcers.  And I pointed out that any or all of them will tear into the team if it's really playing below its meager skillset.

Later on Kevin Burkhardt was on camera and I pointed proudly at him and explained how he is moving on to a fulltime gig with FOX SPORTS after the end of this baseball season.  I sounded like a parent cooing about his son who has graduated near the top of his high school class and now has a scholarship to go to Brown University.  (Maybe Brown isn't the best example for someone who is off to work for a Fox-owned network.  You can substitute Harvard, Yale, or Princeton if it works better for you)

In any event, fellow Mets travelers, it is nice to see that there is one place where the team is world class.  Now if the team, its management, and its ownership were half as good as its broadcasting team then we'd be getting some place.



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