My wife and I just got back from a four day sightseeing tour of Denver and surrounds. It was a nice vacation, not our best, enjoyable nonetheless.
What a coincidence that we were in town at the same time as the NY Mets.
We flew in and arrived mid-day on Friday.  I'd already seen the club get mashed on Thursday and was not super confident about what the weekend might hold.
We had tickets for Friday night's affair which featured Zach Wheeler (a member of one of my Strat-O-Matic teams) vs. lefty Jorge de la Rosa.
Our seats were down the 1B line about halfway from the bag to the RF foul line.  They were in row 4.
The Mets came up in the 1st inning and I noticed that I could see everything fine from my seat EXCEPT the batter!!!  Mets 1b coach Tom Goodwin plants himself in one spot and doesn't move.  A straight line from my seat to homeplate is the line on which Goody is standing.  I'm leaning left right and all about just to see the Mets do their normal useless flailing.

On the other hand, the Rockies' 1B coach is Eric Young Sr. (now where have I heard that name before?)  This Young, the one I think I like more than sonny boy, stands further back  and about five paces towards the stands.  No problem for me to see the line drives coming off the Rockies' bats.

I put up with the obstructed view for three innings before I decided we had to move.
I didn't want a better/more expensive seat, just one where I could see all the batters. How demanding is that?
The first place we tried to get to we were chased away by a young usher.  So we tried another section and when this usher, an oldish gent, went to evict us I explained the situation and he said, "just hang out here - don't worry about it."   Bless you sir.

The game was a snoozer and the long flight (2 hour drive to Newark Airport + 4 hour flight) put us in no mood to watch the Mets sleepwalk through another game.

I did get to see Corey Dickerson, another of my Strat players, collect three hits so that part I liked.  But by the time the Rockies batted in the 5th we were gassed and headed out.

You know about Saturday's blown lead.  At least they salvaged Sunday.

Of the dozen or so stadiums (stadia?) I've attended Coors Field was one of the better ones.  Of course, they say you never forget your first one and for me that was the Polo Grounds in 1955. 



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