In my long adult life I have probably been hit by the flu bug no more than two or three times.  So I've been very lucky there and have no cause to complain.
But this past Monday morning that bug hit me and did so with a vengeance.   Even as I write this I'm probably operating at about 75% efficiency which is better than the Mets' bullpen but still not very good.

I am committed to post a Di-Jest article at least once a week here at THE REAL DIRTY METS blog and bye-cracky I'm going to do it.

As you can imagine being sick as a dog is not that conducive to writing humor articles about the Mets.  My existence has been round trips from the bed to the bathroom.  Rinse and repeat.   In fact Di-Jesting (the act of creating Di-Jest articles) is right now about as difficult as DIGESTING (the act of eating food and having it stay down).

So I'm going to use a ploy that some TV shows do.  They issue a "clip show" where they film no new scenes and don't advance the plot at all.  But some people watch the show and then they say did a new episode.

The way I'll do my clip show is to show you some of my recent Twitter Tweets most of which were produced during the series just concluded with the D'backs.   Hey, they suck pretty bad don't they?    I wonder if we could swap them into the NL East and send Atlanta or Washington out to the west.   Someone go and create a petition.

Here's one that goes back to this past Sunday.

The Mets' game on Saturday night ended with a win but it didn't finish until about a quarter to 2am eastern time.  Don't know why but I stayed up for the whole thing.

Then I tweeted:

Here's one from during the Arizona series where the heart of the order looked inept:

And these games starting at 9:40 or later are tough on the constitution:


In the last few days we've seen that Eric Young Jr., while a proficient basestealer is a guy with poor baserunning instincts.  Here's what I wrote when EY was on 2B and didn't score on Murphy's double to the CF wall:

And just when I thought I couldn't hate Eric Young Jr any more he goes and does that.  

Then the very next day he committed another  baserunning blunder and I tweeted:

Doesn't it seem that the only #Mets player who can't run the bases is Eric Young Jr. ?

This is one I tweeted after Quintanilla lined a double into the gap in rightcenterfield.

And finally once the sweep was completed I tweeted:

And that ends the clip show.

Pass me the chicken soup.



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