I came across this article today while surfing the Mets articles on MLBTR:Market suggests Mets could cash in on Dickey dealIn the article Sherman assesses the following:
The recent influx of talent plus a strong system leaves Toronto with, among other things, two power-hitting young catchers in Travis d’Arnaud and J.P. Arencibia (drafted by Ricciardi), two athletic center fielders in Rajai Davis and Anthony Gose, and two high-end pitching prospects who just completed Low-A, Noah Syndergaard and Aaron Sanchez.Several executives I spoke to said they could not imagine Toronto giving up a player from each of those subsets for Dickey in just 2013, but believe it would be more open-minded to doing so if Dickey were willing to do an extension. The Mets could use the catcher and center fielder now, and hope the high-end young starter eventually joins Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler in a powerful rotation.
Wow, so this is basically exactly how it turned out minus Gose of course.  Did Sherman just guess right or was it clear that there was a framework for the deal even back pre-Thanksgiving?