I pulled out my Mayan calendar from the attic and did you know that they predicted on 12/11/2012 that a major athletic organization would crumble? We should really save this date in our Mets memory banks because to me, this is the date that the latest wave of Mets personnel crossed the point of no return. Mostly we have been hopeful yet skeptical that if we wait a couple years for the financial mess to clear out, then the team would be back to where a team in a New York City market should be; wheeling, dealing, styling and profiling.  Then on October 4th we were told the time has come. Our patience has paid off and the Mets are going to start clawing their way back up. This is the day Sandy Alderson sat down with WFAN’s Mike Francessa and gave his state of the team interview (the full interview is listed in RDM’s WFAN feed below). The exchange below is what most Mets fans have been waiting for:Mike Francessa: Other than Wright and Dickey, do you feel now as you go to 2013 that you are still in a consolidation phase and you are going to ask your fans to sit through another one of these seasons, or do you intend or feel compelled that you have to give them a far better product next year. Do you think you can try their patience one more year? Sandy Alderson: Well I am not intentionally trying their patience, believe me. I would look at 2013 as another opportunity for us to exceed what expectations people have had. I think we accomplished that the first half of this year . Mike Francessa: You understand my point, can you give them something to be optimistic or are you going to have to say we hope to over-achieve or no look we are much better on paper going in. Sandy Alderson: No, I think we can be much better on paper going in. I think all of this, this sense of confidence that I hope we can continue or begin to rebuild with the fans going into 2013 is going to start with Wright and Dickey. Just the fact that we are able to say look we are prepared and we are capable of signing these two players. That’s a step and a major step in the right direction. I hope we are successful in signing them both. For me to be able to say look there are no impediments here, that’s a statement maybe it’s too subtle for some but to me that’s a very big statement about where we are now and the change that has taken in that regard in our capacity since spring training last year. Mike Francessa: Considering the look of your outfield and catching situation, can the Met fan expect to see wholesale changes in those areas or will they have to except subtle change?Sandy Alderson: In the outfield and behind the plate?Mike Francessa: Yea.Sandy Alderson: Much more likely there will be significant change in those areas verses subtle changes. Simply because you have to look at the record and see what kind of production we have gotten from those positions. Mike Francessa: Zero.Sandy Alderson: Recognize that there is not a lot of capacity for progress there. We know what we got and it is not championship caliber. .So, as Mets fans, the wait was over. We can begin to move forward again. None of us were expecting Josh Hamilton, but we were led to believe it won’t be Mike Baxter either.  Then on December 11th the Mets had their annual holiday party. A day to give back to the community and to celebrate all we are thankful for as Mets fans and in typical Mets fashion a day to celebrate was a day for controversy. First came the airing of grievances from our Cy Young winner, R. A. Dickey. Remember how Sandy said the way for the organization to build fan confidence starts with signing Wright and Dickey? Well, that part of the plan isn’t going too well according to Dickey.R.A. Dickey: When people say it’s business, it’s not personal, well that just means it’s not personal for them. I’m hoping it ends up in a good place, but also in the back of your mind you think it may not. That’s sad.Then came the bombshell tweet from ESPN’s Adam Rubin:Sandy Alderson said he acknowledges he does expect the 2013 Opening Day roster to look similar to the end of 2012.So did the plan to build fan confidence get steamrolled by the Wilpon’s or from other issues that we are just not privy to, or was Sandy Alderson just saying what he thought the fans wanted to hear in October and was hoping they have short memories. If it’s the latter, then Sandy hasn’t been in New York long enough. This blog wasn’t the only one to bring these comments to the forefront (thank you for dealing with my temper tantrum in yesterday’s post), but other Mets blogger’s jumped on this subject. Mets Todayhttp://www.metstoday.com/8229/12-13-offseason/fourth-place-again-so-why-bother/Mets Merizedhttp://metsmerizedonline.com/2012/12/the-day-sandy-alderson-ran-out-of-good-faith.htmlAmazing Avenuehttp://www.amazinavenue.com/2012/12/11/3754766/better-the-devil-you-knowMetsBloghttp://metsblog.com/metsblog/alderson-now-expects-very-few-changes-this-off-season/ So what are we to believe? How should we behave to this news? For me, it’s simple. Nothing has changed and they are punting the 2013 season. I find it really hard to believe there is any other way to look at it. They were even able to defer money from Jason Bay and David Wright’s contract for 2013 to give them more flexibility for the season.  When Sandy was asked about those newly found dollars he stated it could be used now or later or maybe not at all. At this point forward I just cannot believe anything that this organization says anymore. The proof will be in the pudding and right now the pudding is spoiled.As a fan, this one question keeps popping in my head: Why as a Mets fan should I buy a ticket this season? My answer is easier than most. I live in NH and have 2 kids. Going to a game would probably cost me $300 and this is not a team that is worth paying that kind of cash for. Now if I still lived locally, catching a train to a game with a bunch of friends is way more economically feasible. But the question still remains, why should we go? What has this organization done in the last three years that deserves your hard earned dollars? Why should you drop $250 on one of those new Mets Jerseys? Tell me why fans.