According to Rich Harden has been claimed by an unidentified team.Could it be the Mets? This one may seem far fetch as the Mets have no hope this season and Harden is a   FA at the end of the year.   However, Harden's salary is only 7M this season and after the season Harden will be a type A FA. There is almost a 0% chance he would accept arbitration but if he did the Mets would have their #2 pitcher for next season.   If he declined the Mets would get 2 picks on top of their seemed to be locked in 1st round pick.   There is also the fact that the Mets would get to court Harden for an entire month to convince him to sign with the Mets as a FA if that was the direction they wanted to go in.   Now of course all of this is far fetch and the Cubs may want too much.   However, my point is WHY would the Mets NOT claim him?