Well did you, did you hear it in the ninth inning?  I know the valiant Met fans at Citi Field tried their best to drown them out, hell I even heard the P.A. system try it's best but there were just too many of them.There were too many Phillie fans at Citi Field yesterday.  And I could bet there be more there today, chanting for their team and booing our players.  I'm quite sure Fred and Jeff heard them but maybe they'll didn't feel that bad, after all, I'm sure all those Philly fans had to eat and drink.But is this what they really wanted?  Citi Field filled with Philly fans making up jokes about the Mets?  I doubt it but there isn't much anybody can do about it. I wonder how Fred and Jeff will feel after today's game?  I know the Braves will be up soon but I doubt many fans will fill the seats because they can't even fill their own ballpark.Funny isn't it?  Here are the Braves, who have been in first or at least within a game of the lead and they STILL don't fill their stadium.   What's up with that? I wrote two days ago that I wanted a team in our division to clinch at Citi Field to illustrate to ownership what they need to do.  Now I hope they see who is in the stands.  I saw a lot of red when the camera's panned the stands.What a shame huh?