Whether he goes on the DL or not, the latest Jose Reyes injury should send a signal to not only the Mets but to all teams.   As soon as  Reyes left the game in the first inning, it was a set-back-not for Mets but for Reyes.  I'll give him the first injury to his hamstring-everyone gets hurt once during the season-but to hurt it again.  That's a whole different issue.Here's a question:  Do you think a team is going to shell out 120 million/6 years for a player who has demonstrated that he can't stay healthy for an entire season?  I think we might have answered that the first time, but what about now?Here's another:  Should the Mets invest in Reyes?  What do you think is going through Alderson's mind today?  I think he may be a little happy Reyes refused to sign a new contract mid-season.  I think he, again, was happy the first time-but now I know in his mind things have changed for Reyes and that money he thinks he deserves.I'll go on a limb and say yes, the Mets should re-sign Reyes, however, the money and the years are not going to be he thinks he should get-nor his agent.  At this point, I would offer no more than 3 years.Literally, if Reyes goes on the DL, he won't have a leg to stand on when it comes down to negotiations for a new contract.  Hell, even if he doesn't go the DL, he still lost some leverage.  Can Reyes walk into a room and demand big money because he could guarantee a season like his first half of this year?  An MVP/injury free year?How could he?  As a runner myself, I know how age and injuries go hand in hand.  I also know about age, injuries and re-occurring injuries.And the news is not good in those areas-believe me.Perhaps Reyes was never fully recovered from his first injury.  There have been many a conversation about his hitting and OBP since he has come off the DL.Do you think he was holding back?Perhaps.It's irrelevant now.If Reyes goes on the DL for the second time this season, do you think he's value goes down?  Do you think the Mets should re-sign him?