According to several sources, Oliver Perez (regrettably) will not be released today. In the words of Andy Martino"He will 2 bullpen appearances. If they are not stellar, he'll be cut after that."My thing is, is it already too late. While it has been reported his velocity has hit in the 85-89 range his last time out, the bottom line issue is that he has not been all that effective. Along the lines of Matt Cerrone's thoughts on this subject, are the Mets just wasting valuable time by continuing to trot out Ollie as if he will turn in a Tom Seaver type performance to keep his job? It seems all but inevitable that the Mets will cut Oliver what are they waiting for? Are the Mets doing this to actually give their 12 million dollar pitcher a "fair shot" or are they avoiding potential lawsuit issues with the players union?From a fans standpoint, it will be hard to root for Perez under any capacity. As I was talking with Matt Rose from NLEC, we both feel that Oliver permanently damaged his standing with his team and Met fans with his outright refusal to accept a minor league assignment last year. That in my opinoin, was the single most telling thing about Oliver Perez. I can only hope that the new administration will not let his $12 million dollar pay check influence whats good for the team overall. Oliver Perez is NOT effective...period. If another team picks him up and somehow makes him better, than so be it. Its not like we would be losing a 20 game winner. Oliver could be a perfect "change of scenery" type of player. Especially since his image and reputation is at its all time low in Queens.Time is running out. Its already March 9th and opening day is only 23 days away. The Mets still do not have a starting 2b man, 4/5 spot's in the rotation, official bench members, official bullpen members and now potentially a starting RF. While the Mets have the "personnel" to technically fill those positions, some decisions need to start to be made. While im confident  the front office makes the right decision, I hope they make those decisions sooner than later.