Today is August 29th, the Mets are and have been hopelessly out of the race.   Why are we still carrying any dead weight?   What have these player done to earn the spot until the end and on the other hand what have they done to deserve the punishment of staying until the end.   No we did not have any players left that would have garnered top prospects or really any.   However, there are a few of them that could be picked up by playoff teams whose bench was even worse than ours coming into the season.   Examples Phillies and Yankees.   So who are these players?   You know them.Player 1: Brian Schnieder.     The one with the .200 BA.   Think no one would want him?   Maybe, but a team might pick him up just for September to rest their playoff guys.   But really does it matter?   Schnieder should have NO role with the 2010 Mets.Player 2: Fernando Tatis.   Tatis is a guy who resurrected and killed his career right here.   However, again looking at the Phillies bench I could see Tatis landing a home somewhere for a month.Player 3:   Gary Sheffield.   No the Mets a month ago did not want to let him go for free.   However with September roster's expanding and the fact the Mets have a real competition for next year in Reed and Sullivan he should be let go to pursue that championship.   There is still time for the Giants to pick him up.   It's the right thing to do.Player 4: Elmer Dessens.   Fudd has actually been much better than we give him credit for.   However, I see no need in keeping him and taking innings away from other guys.Player 5: Wilson Valdez.   Seriously, we don't have any 23 year old that can stand at the plate and play average defense?