All right, I'm going out on a limb here even before   John Maine comes off the DL.   I really don't want to see him anymore, not as a starter and not in the bull pen.   And Oliver Perez, the only way I want to see Perez is if he's a beer  vendor in the Upper Deck.I'm not saying Takahashi is the answer, though I will say Dickey solves the Perez problem but I'll address that later.   But do you think 15 days of work and throwing is going to "cure" Maine?   He went to the DL with "shoulder weakness".   I don't know whether I believe that or not but I don't think 15 days  can solve that or anything else that ails him.   I mean I think he's got "weakness" of the heart and there is no cure for that.    Y'know, I'm just tired of the faces and the excuses and the first inning woes.   Look at what  Takahashi and Dickey have done with the Mets, when they pitch, at least you know their going to battle.   Tell  me, have you felt any angst or trepidation when either Dickey or Takahashi takes the mound?   I don't and  as a matter  of fact, neither does Jerry Manuel  or  Dan Warthen  and I'll tell you why.   When Maine and Perez pitched, all you saw was the face of Jerry  on top of the dugout-sometimes you saw him pacing, sometimes talking  to  Warthen.     When Dickey and Takahashi pitches,   I don't think they even pan Jerry until the third inning.   O.K, I may be exaggerating a bit but   hey, it's just me talking here.   But honestly, I  don't have any confidence in Maine and I have ZERO confidence in Perez.     If and when  Maine comes back, it will be another "project" that the Mets will have to deal with.   When Perez ever  returns it's just  another spot  that someone else can occupy.      I hope I'm wrong.   But just before I get to  R.A. Dickey, think on this; tonight Takahashi threw 7 innings of solid ball and didn't even hit the 100 pitch mark.Do you think Maine is doing that coming off the DL?  I would like to see Maine come back, pitch 2 good games and then get  traded and  I don't care to who to.  Now R.A. Dickey, who in my opinion,  is everything Perez should have been.   He fights and pitches  to win, he plays hard, he gives a 100 percent, he's mentally tough and most of all, he can pitch past the 4th inning.   I  love watching  him pitch and with a  knuckleballer, the opposition just looks lost.   And  even if he gets bombed in his next start, he is still better than Perez can be  on any given day.   So I think  Dickey and Perez is a wash.   If Perez is done, and I think he is , and since Dickey was gotten on the cheap, Perez should be given the Pick slip, after all, with  Dickey's stats, he would've gotten Perez money anyway.In truth,  I don't see any reason to take  Dickey  out of the rotation.   I think is one of the biggest reasons for the success of this team.   Why are we going to mess with a good thing here and you know the old saying " if it ain't broke, don't fix it"  This Rotation ain't broke, so let's not try to fix it.