After the Mets grabbed the second game of the double header, I went over to and checked the standings.Wow, what a dose of reality that was, talk about a slap in the face!The Mets are a solid third in the N.L East  and pretty much out of the Wild Card.  It's funny though, as I'm watching the game, I kinda forget-for just a while, exactly were this team stands in the East.  A Met win will do that I suppose.It was during the second game though, right when the Marlins were in the middle of a pitching change, that I decided to check on the other two teams I hate-the Phillies and the Yankees.  Of course, they were both about to win-typical.There's the big reality, while the Mets are stepping on the throat of a last place team, the Phillies and the Yankees are just cruising to the playoffs.  In about 15 days I have to watch (or yet ignore) their locker room celebrations.God how I hate September.A bigger reality check to say the least.During last night's post game, I began to think about the Mets and their future-also the last month of the season.It's time to put a perspective on that.As another meaningless September approaches for the Mets, as far as playoffs are concerned, perhaps there is a silver lining.  Perhaps there is more meaningful September baseball for Met fans than we think, it's just not what we want.So instead of champagne being dumped on the players, we're going to have to settle for the consolation prize..500?  No to hell with .500.I've created a list.  A "wish list" of things I'd rather see than the Mets finishing .500.I know, how pathetic.  The Phillies fans are already buying playoff tickets and I'm "wishing" for 11 things to make September bearable.But honestly, yea it would be great to finish out the year with a winning season but in the long run, does it really matter? It might by symbolic to ownership that the team is headed in the right direction and maybe a little feather in the cap of Alderson and Collins, but I'd sacrifice it any day for a brighter future.So for better or worse, here it is.  11 things I'd rather see than a .500 record.1.  Bobby Parnell becomes a legit closer.2.  Lucus Duda develops into a slugger.3.  Rubin Tejada rounds into form for a possible replacement for Reyes.4.  Reyes wins the MVP and signs a contract with the Mets for 3 years.5.  Niese, Pelfrey and Gee have solid outings for September.6.  Thole proves he could catch everyday.7.  Pagan plays up to his potential.8.  Wright finishes strong.9. Turner proves he could stay on the team as a possible second basemen or bench player.10. Santana throws in the 90's in a relief outing.11. Terry Collins wins the Coach of the Year Award.Now I know what your thinking.  Maybe, just maybe we get 4 out of the 11 wishes.  But let's look at next year for a moment.  If this team is going to compete, they need at least 4-5 wishes to come to fruition-correct?I mean, I would love to see 11 out of 11 but that's never going to happen.The point is, since Sandy Alderson is building a team for the future, that's what I'm looking for when I watch these games.Not .500.That's like a consolation prize-it's meaningless unless there is something to build on.And that's what I want to see, something to build on-to get me through those cold months all winter.