According to Jon Heyman the Indians will now look to trade Drew Stubbs whom they acquired this off-season in a trade from the Reds. Hat tip to Metsblog for the link.Stubbs, 28 years old, was absolutely awful last year posting a slash line of:
He did manage to back that up with 14 HR and 30 SB.  He did manage a 1.3 WAR which is actually quite an accomplishment considering his slash.  Obviously that was due to his 6.2 base-running and 6.8 fielding ratings.  Fangraphs has his value last year still at 6M again due to his defense and base-running.  Stubbs also, like Bourn, strikes out a ton and doesn't do too much in the area of OBP either.  Last year being an outlier but he still has not shown the ability to get even into the .330's.The question with Stubbs is was his oblique injury responsible for the poor season?  The previous season Drew managed a 2.6 WAR and in 2010 a 4.0.So what's good about Stubbs after reading all of that?  There's a few things.1) He's cheap.  Stubbs is signed for 2013 at 2.8M.2) He's under team control through 2015.3) He's RH.  I can't play this up enough.  The Mets are desperate for a RH OF.   Stubbs for his career has a RH vs LH split of:
That's certainly a usable stat.  Of course what is nice about guys like Stubbs is even though they have large splits they still play good defense and because of their speed they are still a threat even against the weaker side.4) He's a great defender.  Se above.Before those who are still upset over Bourn get their undies in a wad, I am NOT saying that Stubbs is anywhere near the quality of Bourn.  He isn't.  Would the 2013 Mets have been better with Bourn instead of Stubbs?  Of course.  However, I think the cost of Stubbs, his age, his under control contract, his defense, speed and pop, as well as of course my patented word handedness make him a very logical fit for this season.