David Schoenfield of ESPN wrote an interesting article that asked one question. How long until the Cubs compete again? In it he looked at all teams that won between 68 and 74  games from 2004 to 2008 (due to the Cubs having won 71 games this season) and tracked their records for the following three seasons.What I found of most interest was Schoenfield's observation of the 2004 Mets as he was taking a closer at the teams that made the playoffs inside a three-year span. Schoenfield writes,
"This is an interesting comparison, because like the 2011 Cubs, the Mets had a bloated payroll and 91 losses to show for it. But their two big contracts, Mo Vaughn ($17.1 milllion) and Mike Piazza ($16 million) were gone by 2006, replaced by big free agents Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez, and the trade acquisition of Carlos Delgado (a salary dump by the Marlins). But the big key was two young players who debuted halfway through 2004: David Wright and Jose Reyes. The Cubs may have their Reyes in Starlin Castro, but they don't have their Wright."
So what do you think? Do you agree with Schoenfield? If you agree do you think there will also be a Cubs version of a Carlos Beltran and Pedro Martinez signing say for example Prince Fielder & CJ Wilson?