After 4 PM yesterday, I saw two sorts of appalling posts on the Mets Blogosphere.
  1. The Phillies suck and the dynasty is over! Rejoice!
  2. Sandy Alderson has run out of time here in New York, and clearly winning is not what he is interested in.
The first one is just immature, but the second one is insane.I have heard a great many complaints regarding different moves- or non-moves- that Sandy and the Front Office have made. Some of these complaints go as follows.1.) "If the plan is to build through the farm, why did the Mets not sign their 2nd round pick this year?"Although we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, I believe that I do have a little intuition. I have spoken to several People That Know lately regarding the new draft system, and nearly all of them have stressed one thing: teams absolutely, under no circumstances, can the team cater to every demand of the agent. The agent must keep their integrity when negotiating the pre-draft deal, and if they break that the team can not waver too far from the original agreement. As far as we know Stankiewicz was not signed because of $50,000, but we do not truly know how far from their pre-draft contract they had already come to that point. The team has to set the precedent that the agent can't nickle and dime them.Additionally, it is not like the old draft where all you get is the pick, but you do not gain anything else. If the Mets so choose next year, they can go underslot with that pick and re-allocate the money towards maybe signing a guy who fell to them in the first round (similar to Giolito this year). It is also important to keep in mind that this year's draft was incredibly weak, and it could be possible the Mets have targeted next year's class as being stronger, and therefore worth more resources.2.) "Sandy told us that they would be buyers!!! I WANT TRAIDS."That was on July 21st, when the Mets were 5 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot, and not yet mired in an all-out collapse. The team is now 8.5 games out, and that's not even mentioning all the teams they would have to leapfrog.The problem is, and this has been said a lot- the Mets cannot buy enough players to get back to where they were. Find me a team that lost two pitchers the caliber of Dillon Gee and Johan Santana, as well as a reliable innings eater such as Mike Pelfrey, and lived to tell the tale? This, coupled with the horrendous bullpen and equally atrocious defense, makes just too many flaws for a few deadline deals to shore up.Hypothetically say they do patch most of the holes on the team. First they send Tapia for Hunter Pence, then they trade Familia for Ryan Dempster, and Flores and Marte for Sanchez and Infante. Then you have a team that is a Wild Card team (maybe), with a depleted farm system. Who the hell wants that?3.) "Well if Sandy did not think the Mets should be buyers, then they should be sellers. Why not sell high on Wrongz, Dickey, and Santana?"Oh! Oh! I know this one, it's a two-parter.
  1. Who is there to trade? No one is taking Santana with that contract and injury history, unless the Mets eat the majority of the money involved in that. The Mets can't afford to have more dead weight on the payroll (BAAAAAYYYY!!!), so that is out of the question. Dickey and Wright can be grouped together: both have insanely team-friendly contracts and can help in 2013, a year in which I am sure the Mets are making plans to try and contend in.
  2. Although I personally would have sold Byrdak and Hairston, there is very good logic why they did not. The value of the prospects/cash that they could get for Hairston and Byrdak are so low that it does not make it worth being labeled by the idiotic New York Media as two-faced liars after they flip-flopped from buying to selling. The value of ticket and merchandise sales outweigh acquiring some minor league depth.
Basically what I'm trying to say is whether or not the Mets added a reliever at the deadline this year has no effect on the long-term plan of the team. If anything it shows a commitment to staying the course.Can't everyone remember when we were expecting last place back in March? A .500 team still ain't too shabby.