While it's true, D Wright was a disappointment fantasywise last year, expectations for this upcoming fantasy season are still high.   Most insiders are coughing up Wright's sub-par production last year to a Mets team that was in disarray all season.   Without protection behind him or anyone on base in front of him, Wright couldn't live up to his first round draft pick responsibilities.   Even so, he still managed to hit over .300 and steal 27 bases, but the overall offensive numbers  really disgruntled  fantasy owners.Even Wright was mad at his fantasy production last yearSo, where does Wright get drafted this year?   After a down year, Wright should slide well out of the top 5, but shouldn't go later than the very beginning of the 2nd round..picks 10-14.   Wright will probably not be able to compete with Ryan Braun or Evan Longoria because of their enormous upside being a few years younger and  having less of a ceiling.   Prince Fielder?   Expect .285, 35 homers, and  115 RBI's, and that's playing it safe.   With that swing and the protection he has in that lineup, those offensive numbers will simply not come down..Prince is drafted in front of Wright as well.   Miggy Cabrera?   Too consistent.   Despite his problems off the field, Miggy plays 160 games every year and bats .320 with 30+ homers and 120 RBIs.   Not many can hit the ball like Cabrera.    Miggy Smalls is the illestThe tougher choices  are going to be weighing Wright against guys like Carl Crawford, Justin Upton, Mark Teixiera, Tim Lincecum (depending on your league format),  or Ryan Howard.   Hate to say it Met fans but I give Tex the edge as that ballpark is a bit too friendly, and that lineup a bit too ferocious.   24 out of 39 homers were at home for Teixiera last year, and he's got another 81 games there this year.   However, I take a chance with Wright over the other fellas here right around the 11 or 12 spot .A healthy Jose Reyes should mean many more chances with runners in scoring position for David, and extra protection behind him should mean he cannot be pitched around as frequently.   HR's/RBI's/Runs/ and maybe even SB's should all be up from last year.     How Wright stole 27 bases last year is beyond me considering the  lack of talent  who hit behind him each night.   I am not sure what else NL pitchers were thinking about when he was on base, but it sure wasn't about who was  in the batter's box.   Imagine, how many Wright can swipe this year with a much more capable lineup behind him.   Wright should resume 2005-2008 form, when he was a consistent first rounder who lived up to expectations each fantasy year.Where do you guys take him?