So how did Sandy and DePodesta do tonight?  More importantly, what did they do?  Without any Jets-esque freaking out, let’s take a look Brandon Nimmo, East HS Cheyenne WY, OFWhile Nimmo might not have been the sexiest name available when the Mets made their first pick, they clearly had been watching him for a while and had a game plan.  Asst. GM Paul DePodesta stated in a call earlier that the Mets were not looking for the safest pick, but rather the player they felt could have the biggest impact.  The word is that Nimmo could blossom into a great ballplayer, but he will need time to develop.  In addition, he is committed to the University of Arkansas (not a bad baseball program) and wants $2.5MM to sign (if the Mets were under financial constraints, this probably would have scared them off).  Was he an overdraft at 13?  Maybe.  But the Mets liked him, more so than other teams, and felt he was not going to be around at #44.  For good or ill, they targeted their man and got himMichael Fullmer, Deer Creek HS, Edmond, OK, RHPIncidentally, the Mets took Michael Fullmer, another Arkansas signee.  He’s a righty with a 96 MPH fastball that got lost in a deep Oklahoma prep class.  Also armed with an 85 MPH slider and a 6’2” 200 lb frame, he stands to be a workhorse.  He’ll need to refine a changeup which, as with most elite HS pitchers, he never really had to use before. Overall, I like this draft.  It’ll take years to see how it plays out, but they were clearly impressed with Nimmo and made sure they got their man. Personally, I think Fullmer is a great choice.  The new regime had a plan – not safe picks that would get to Queens quickly, but rather high ceiling guys who would, when ready, make a significant impact.  Time will tell if it pays off.