With the 35th overall pick in the 2012 Major League Baseball draft the Mets selected Kevin Plawecki, a catcher from Purdue University.  In Plawecki, the Mets are obviously drafting a position of need, as the farm system is lacking in true catching prospects, and being a college catcher there is a chance that Plawecki will be big league ready sooner rather than later. Defensively, Plawecki is a solid catcher.  He has good hands, decent skills behind the plate, and is able to block pitches.  He calls his own games, which is rare in college, so he is both an intelligent catcher and trusted by his coaches, two intangibles that can go a long way.  He’s also a team leader, which is a great trait to have for a catcher as well.  The only drawback he has defensively is that his arm isn’t great.  It’s decent, and he was still able to throw out plenty of base stealers, but it’s far from impressive. Offensively, Plawecki will hit for a high average but may not show much power.  He was the offensive leader of his college team at Purdue and he was able to carry them a long way.  He has a good approach and his contact oriented.  For his career he struck out 29 times, which is staggering.  Some believe he has the strength to be able to add some power to his game, but if not he should remain a high-contact and high-average hitter. Plawecki is not likely destined to be a star in the big leagues, but if his defensive abilities, game calling, and contact-oriented hitting can outweigh and make up for a lack of power and a less than stellar arm behind the plate there’s reason to believe that Plawecki a major league catcher, possibly a starter.  Being a polished college player with a good approach, good intelligence, and solid defensive abilities there’s a chance Plawecki could find himself on the fast track to the majors at a position of need for the Mets.