Our gaze into potential first round draft picks crystal ball continues with a look at the young man who, were the draft based on the coolness of name, would go first overall.  Ladies (?) and Gentlemen, let’s meet Stryker Trahan, a catcher from Acadiana HS in Lafayette, LA.ProsThe first two things anyone mentions when discussing Trahan is his ability to mash the ball from the left-hand side of the plate - not that common for a catcher - and his above average speed, unheard of for a catcher.  His swing is more of a power stroke than contact oriented, but many believe that this is partially due to playing quarterback and the attendant bulk football players add.  Leaving the gridiron behind should help his swing become more fluid.  His speed is above average for his size (6’1”, 220 lbs.) and he posts good times from first to home.  His arm is also above average, which could help him if…..ConsHe may have to move to the outfield.  His receiving ability is generally seen as his biggest weakness, and the grind of catching professionally has some clubs worried that his speed tool will prematurely deteriorate because of this.  A move to the outfield, which he has the arm for, will keep his other tools fresh.PrognosisStryker’s parents both were catchers in college, so he is inclined to stick with it as long as possible.  All things considered, a power lefty hitting catcher who has at least average speed (which makes him a Lou Brock amongst catchers) is a tempting asset.  If he moves to RF, some of his uniqueness fades, but I think certain readers of this blog would have an affinity for a Cajun born power hitting outfielder...  Expect whoever takes him to give a shot at staying behind the plate.  If you’re wondering about the name, he is named after the character B.L. Stryker from the short lived TV show of the same name starring Burt Reynolds – so that’s pretty awesome.  He is also close friends with fellow profilee Gavin Cecchini and they both have commitments to the University of Mississippi.