Scrolling through Craig's list MLBTR this morning a few names caught my eye from last night's non-tender list.First of all on the list would be filling a definite need while bringing back a popular player (granted it is one that was popular because of his grrrrrrriiiittt).   Ruben  errrr Jeff Keppinger.  "Kepp" struggled last year for the Giants leading to him being non-tendered last night.  However, the backup IF has experience at every IF position and has even played a splash of OF.  He by all accounts is a good makeup guy and could be a perfect fit.  The question for the Mets remains if they will again try to fit Daniel Murphy at 2B.  If so then Keppinger may not be as needed as he would seem to duplicate Justin Turner, however I would imagine he is more comfortable playing SS than Turner.Speaking of backup middle IF, the name of the week last week was Ryan Theriot.  Take everything I said about Kepp and apply it to Ryan only without the Mets ties.  Statistically they are about the same player.Another intriguing name that no doubt fills a need is Jason Jaramillo.  Jason was non-tendered by the Pirates so that is at least suspicious.  He appears to have hit over his head last year in a limited sample hitting .326 with a .356 OBP in 45 PA.  His minor league year last year yielded a .276 BA with a .368 OBP.  Considering the Mets options at catcher he might be worth a look, especially if they could sign him on a minor league deal.Next are two Rockies OF that could slot in and help in CF while also being the uhhhh 4th OF?  (Depends on what you consider Torres I guess).Ryan Spilborghs is sure to be a hot commodity.  He had a terrible year last year posting a 52 OPS+ as opposed to the 102 the year before.  The 32 year old has played all 3 OF positions.  I think that a contender will look to Ryan as a quality bench guy, so I expect a team like the Rays to be interested.  If he is looking for the chance for more playing time, maybe the Mets are a fit.While looking at Ryan, I noticed another Rockies OF that intrigued me even more.  Cole Garner is a 26 year old RH OF who has spent time in the minors playing all 3 OF positions while mashing in AAA the last 2 years.  Last year in AAA Garner posted a line of
while also netting 8 doubles, 5 triples and 8 HR in 203 PA.   If his defense is good enough to play CF in Citi he could be a great low risk high reward guy.Bringing up the rear are 3 pitchers.  First is Joe Saunders, talk about a hot commodity.  I honestly have no idea why he was non-tendered to start with, he had to have trade value.  The 30 year old pitched 212 innings of under 4.00 ERA with 12 wins.  Obviously if the Mets could sign Joe he would solidify the rotation, however I expect the competition to be stiff, including his former team.Second on the list is a pitcher of hitting fame that could slot in as the long reliever and spot starter for the Mets.  Micah Owings is still only 29 years old and had a very good year last year coming out of the pen for the Dbacks while also doing some spot starting.  (Not to mention that this is the guy who in 2009 had a 110 OPS+ in 58 PA!)Last on the list is another pitcher who has had Mets rumors seemingly his entire career, Andy Sonnanstine.  Sonnanstine is a pitch to contact guy who has had flashes of success in the AL East pitching his entire career for the Rays.  The 28 year old only pitched a little over 35 innings last year to not so rosy results, he did manage to start 9 games for the Rays AAA team in Durham last season to below average results as well.  While it appears that he might not be someone the Mets would be interested in, he could still slot in as a long reliever and emergency starter.