As a segue from the Phillies getting the extra three games at CBP where supposedly the crowd is going to provide an advantage, let's discuss home field advantage.   I don't think crowd noise is a big deal at all, and I think the visiting team can benefit from it as well.   Still it's nice to have your crowd into the game.   Or at the game.   Did the crowd help the Mets get that six run rally on Tuesday night?  <!--more-->Another shot of the stands in the bottom of the 8th.  Cheap or expensive seats, much the same.  Not that the game was much fuller during the first inning.   Announced attendance was 31k.   I guessed 23k in attendance, but I'm still getting a feel for that at Citi, and it's hard when they don't announce the actual turnstile attendance.Now, to be fair, we were plenty loud in the bottom of the 8th.   That's to be expected however, when it's mostly only the die hards left.   During the early innings of the game I was able to have a conversation with my friend sitting two seats over at a normal voice like I was sitting at the dinner table.   I fielded a phone call from my fiance in the third inning and she literally asked "Are you at the game?" even though she knew I was going.   (She called again during the 8th inning, but it was actually impossible to have a conversation and I called her back later) I listened and watched the video highlights when I got home, and we certainly sounded loud at that point.  If this hadn't   been common all season, I wouldn't even remark on low attendance during a chilly weekday series against the Nationals, but this seemed empty even for that.   I know the fans were down on the Mets during the offseason, but they aren't playing 2009 baseball and haven't in weeks.   They're an above .500 team and there are plenty of things to enjoy about watching this team, whether or not you think they're going to win it all.   So why is no one showing up?   It's not the prices.   The Promenade level this week and the cost to go to the game isn't much different than it was any time over the last couple of years.  I think the attendance will rise again in the summer, once it's warmer and the team is still playing well.   Especially if they're playing really well, but it's depressing to see the stands so empty.   Come out and support your team! They're worth your time!