As much as I would love it, the Mets can't win 10 games in one night.  But last night was one of those games  when I just forgot, at least in the 9th inning, that the Mets are irrelevant.I forgot that they are just at .500I forgot that they haven't won back to back games since June.I forgot that the umpires blew the home run call.I forgot that K-Rod was in Cuffes.I even let myself forget that Cole Hamels got the only hit.When Frenchy caught last fly ball, it was a Mets win moment, even if it's a hallow moment.  Let's face it, Philly comes in to Citi with an impressive win over the Dodgers the night before and did you feel that those "fightin' Phillies" were abouth to start hitting?  Remember last week?  But last night was a reality check, at least for the Phillies rather than the Mets.It's nice to a thorn in the side of a team trying to clinch the division.  It feels good to watch Victorino missplay a ball and I'm playing the smallest violin for Cole Hamels who can't get any run support and can't win in New York.For a friday night, the Mets made baseball fun again.You think it could happen again this weekend?