Hey, at least it was a game.   I mean this was as tough a loss as  it gets and I hate doing this  because the Mets have some fight in them but with lack of support from Fred and Jeff and Omar and their inability to pick up an 8th inning guy, they sent the Mets into a  gun fight with a pea shooter.     Just want to see out my thanks to Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran for going a combined 0-6!   You guys have made such a difference coming off the DL.     What are you guys going to do for an Encore?   Give everyone in the clubhouse the Plague?Personally, I would have given Jon  Niese at least a baserunner before bringing in Bobby  Parnell who did his best Araon Heilman impression.      Well, the good news is that if the Mets lose just one more game in Philly, the suspense will be out of August and September.  Finally, what's a Ghost Town without a Boot Hill Cemetery?   I'm turning the Jackie Robinson Rotunda into Boot Hill.   If you look real close at the headstones you'll see one for the 2007,2008,2009 and now 2010 season.   May you rest in peace.But I got some great news for Fred and Jeff, in one week your going to sell out Citi Field for one last home-stand.   Yep, your going to sell every seat and make a ton of money off of concessions.     When the Phillies come to Citi, your going to see a lot of Red in the Stands.       Get ready to count your Money!!