Breaking News: "Test results today on Jose Reyes have confirmed that Jose has an overactive thyroid."That is from the official Press Release from the Mets. It then goes on to say,"Jose will remain in New York to await results of additional blood tests that will help further determine his treatment. Those test results are not expected back before Thursday. We will share more information as it becomes available."How we get from that to "The issue is thought to be fully treatable and should only keep Reyes out for about a month." I have no idea. Especially when the source used Adam Rubin on Twitter says only the following."Jose Reyes apparently does have an overactive thyroid. ... The team will issue a release shortly."So I figure maybe someone else in the media is reporting an inside source that Reyes is expected to miss a month so I do a search and I am still unable to find a news agency that says according to sources Reyes should be only out about a month.In fact the closest I can find is from Marty Noble where he says "No matter what is decided, the results of the third set of blood tests will delay Reyes' training camp at least one more day and perhaps longer. The best-case scenario the Mets had envisioned had him returning to camp Wednesday and playing by the weekend."Perhaps longer, that is far from suggesting a month.So what do we know? We know that
  1. Jose Reyes   has an overactive thyroid
  2. Jose will remain in New York pending results of additional blood tests to help determine his treatment.
  3. Those test results are not expected back before Thursday.
  4. Jose Reyes will not be playing for the Mets this Thursday.
Oh and we will know more when information becomes available.So let's stop speculating and saying Reyes will be out for a month till we know otherwise.