I sat in Section 536 Row 8 Seat 16 I was wearing my Johan Santana shirt thinking I was going to my first Met game of the year since I was away at school this year. I came in knowing what a great pitching duel this was and left astonished and amazed by what just happened. I have been to huge Met games in my life. The final two home games against the Pirates in 1999, the eight run comeback against Atlanta on fireworks night in 2000, game one against the Dodgers in the 2006 NLDS and the first exhibition game at Citi Field in 2009 against the Red Sox. This one will be tough to top as Johan Santana went where Tom Seaver, Jerry Kooseman, Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, David Cone, Al Leiter, Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez and John Maine had never gone before. He is now forever in Mets immortality with the franchises first no hitter. Not to mention the Mets are now one game out of first on June 2, 2012. Sitting there last night I, as any other Met fan except my dad who thinks after the second inning every time a Met pitcher will get a no hitter, was just waiting for that little blooper, or that cheap infield single, a swinging bunt, or a bunt base hit to end it. The ball just wouldn't drop anywhere or be anywhere but a Met glove. By the sixth inning there was controversy with Carlos Beltran's foul ball being fair and it was fair, but the baseball god's said tonight it will be foul and history will be made. After that he got the Cardinals 2-3-4 hitters out one two three. I started thinking to myself what might happen. The Mets added insurance for Johan, which later we found out wasn't needed, but nevertheless was added by what now looks like a hot Lucas Duda hitting yet another home run to make it 5-0. The seventh inning rolls around as the first batter David Freese hit an easy pop up to Ike Davis for the first out.Then the one guy every Met fan can't stand, after that homerun off Aaron Heilman in 2006, Yadier Molina was up and he hit a shot out to left. I was in left field, so I couldn't see where the ball was hit, but they showed on the screen and I am mumbling to myself get it Mike get it! and Mike Baxter pulled a Dewayne Wise and made an incredible catch to save the no hitter, I now think this catch is better then the Chavez catch, but Baxter took a beating and had to come out and I hoped he was ok as he has been a huge part of the teams success this year. Andres Torres came in to play Centerfield and Nieuwenhuis moved over to left and I was not happy cause Torres has been sketchy in Center this year, but it had to be done. Then Matt Adams grounded to Ike to end the inning.Top of the eighth and your just thinking to yourself how many times can a Met get to the eighth and get through it. I was at the Met game in 2004 against Colorado when Tom Glavine took it to the eighth and gave up a hit.  Tyler Greene hit a pop up where Nieuwenhuis and Omar Quintanilla nearly collided, but Kirk caught it and everything was going our way tonight and Johan got out of it one two three. I felt his best two innings of the night were the eighth and ninth innings for Johan as he was locked in. The Mets added insurance again, but I wanted the inning to be done to be honest. You just want to see this happen and for him to to sit in the dugout for a pretty long time worried me. I stood from the seventh inning on not even sitting down for a play. I was so nervous and excited my dad started taking pictures and I said to him not yet and my mom and brother looked on as well. We have been Mets fans for years and we have seen a lot and now we wanted to add to our resume.After Torres grounded out in the eighth it was time. I took a deep breath the stadium was loud and with a lot of people not showing up because of the weather the fans were still electrifying. You had Holliday, Craig and Freese up this inning, 3-4-5 hitters and I knew it would be tough. One pitch to Matt Holliday to begin the ninth one out, and I knew right there it would happen. Craig then hit a fly ball to Kirk in left for out number two. Here we go it was time and everyone watching and listening were tuned in I am sure to witness history. Johan fell behind 3-0 in the count, and with Molina up next, I as a Met fan was begging to not face him. Johan then threw him strike one. I am thinking ok he is locked in now. Next pitch was shades of Paul Hoover vs John Maine with a ground ball foul as Wright came charging in. Now it's 3-2 two out ninth inning. Everyone was praying and begging I was on one knee not being able to watch as I was nervous as heck. Here it comes the 3-2 pitch and when that pitch left his hands I didn't blink or move I just watched a beautiful change-up in the dirt , like Josh Thole said in his post game asked for, as Freese swung right through it and it landed in Thole's glove the inevitable had just happened. Johan Santana a man who wanted to be here in 2008 and had major surgery and missed all of 2011 comes back and tosses the Mets first no hitter in franchise history. All 8,020 games to do it, but it has been done.Struggling with his command early and looking like a possible rain delay would happen none of it affected the game. I hugged my father my brother and my mom who was a huge David Cone fan so hard thinking finally it has happened and I was there to experience what seemed like a dream became reality. The New York Mets have a no hitter and it couldn't of happened to a guy more deserving then Johan Santana. After the game we stayed to listen to Johan talk as Justin Turner got him with a well deserved pie in the face. We then headed over to McFadden's and the atmosphere was electric. I was wearing my Johan Shirt to the game and even the Cardinal fans in the bar wished me congratulations. It was electric, the music was loud, and it was a great way to cap off a historic night. The Mets are now 29-23 and this looks like a fun summer is approaching us. I just want to say thank you Johan and thank you Terry Collins for leaving him out their. LET'S GO METS!!!!