Fan GraphsFangraphs has published their Mets MLB draft review, looking back at the last 4 amateur drafts.   The article concentrates on the top few picks in each draft.   Of the 4 drafts subject to this review, author Marc Hulet concludes that the 2008 draft was the best one.   Take this quote for example:
  • This draft is about as good as it gets for Mets fans… especially if you look back over the past few years.   (Ike) Davis took a little bit of time to get going in pro ball, but he’s firmly on the Top 10 list this season (due to post on the site tomorrow), along with supplemental first rounder (Brad) Holt, and third-rounder (Kirk) Nieuwenhuis.
Hulet hints that the Mets Top 10 Prospect list will be published at fangraphs tomorrow.   Something to look forward to on Christmas Eve.   In the meantime be sure to check out his take on the other recent Met drafts.