toptenFangraphs has released their New York Mets Top 10 Prospects list.   I don't want to get into legal trouble with them by re-printing it here so please click through on that hot link to check out their full list.I will tell you that Ike Davis is # 2.   Here is what they say about him:"A lot of eyebrows were raised (including mine) when Davis hit zero homers in his ‘08 debut, which spanned 239 plate appearances. He responded to the criticism in a big way in ‘09 and split the year between high-A and double-A while slugging 20 homers and 31 doubles. At the higher level, the first baseman hit .309/.386/.565 in 233 at-bats. He posted a wOBA of .426 and an eye-popping ISO of .256. Davis also showed a willingness to take a walk (11.2 BB%) but his strikeouts started to get out of hand (29.0 K%). He has some work to do against lefties, as seen by his OPS split: .672 against left-handers compared to 1.000 against right-handers. One caution about Davis’ breakout season: He’s a slow-footed player that posted a BABIP of .350 at high-A and .381 in double-A, so we’re likely to see his batting average come down in 2010, especially if the strikeout rate remains high."