washington_nationalsAs The New York Mets prepare for a weekend 3 game series with their division foe The Washington Nationals, here is a quick glimpse into what some Nats bloggers are talking about.At Nats320 they discuss the conflicting emotions a baseball fan might feel when history is made at their favorite team's expense.Embrace history as it defeats youOver at Federal Baseball they lament the fact that most of the sparse crowd of 16,787 that bothered to show up for either their hometown Nats or the chance to see history made by Randy Johnson against them in the first game of a doubleheader yesterday didn't stick around for the second game.   One informal estimate of the second game crowd:   "maybe seven, or eight."Foul weather and foul balls for allFinally, at Oleanders and Morning Glories you will find a rather in-your-face take on not only yesterday's doubleheader sweep at the hands of the Giants but also on the Nats in general.The Nats, and what they want to beMostly unrelated, at Let Teddy Win they concentrate on the Presidents Race that occurs during every Nats home game, and their campaign to finally see Teddy Roosevelt win one.Even on skates Teddy loses