In reality being chosen to represent the National League in the All Star Game means relatively nothing. However there is still cache to being chosen and representing your team and league in the mid-summer classic. With a month or so to go before the teams are selected, roster spots are up for grabs. It is almost assured that David Wright will make the All Star team based on the accolades he has achieved so far this season. The question then becomes will the Mets have any more representatives in the game and if so, who? The bullpen will most definitely not get anyone into the game. Even with Tim Byrdak’s 13K/9 and 12 holds no one from the pen comes close to deserving a spot. The lineup minus Wright has been extremely underwhelming. Aside from a few nice performances like Mike Baxter, .345 BA and .961 OPS and Ruben Tejada, 10 XBH the offense has performed under expectations. Whether because of poor play, injuries or lack of at-bats, most of the hitters will not get consideration for the All Star Game. The only player aside from Wright who may merit consideration is Daniel Murphy. Murphy has had a strong year but his recent slide may preclude him from serious consideration, even with the dearth of talent at second base in the National League. Finally, the starting rotation is where to find a second All Star on this team. The Mets have two worthy pitchers for All Star consideration, Johan Santana and R.A. Dickey. Both pitchers' stats are very similar across the board with the only difference being Santana has two wins while Dickey has seven. Unfortunately in baseball, the win stat is overvalued which will likely hinder Santana’s hopes to make the team. This leaves R.A. Dickey as the other Met besides David Wright with the best shot at making it to the All Star Game. Dickey is near the top of the National League in many major categories; he’s 9th in strikeouts, 13th in WHIP and tied for 3rd in the “all important” wins category. Dickey doesn’t have the flash of a Strausburg or Kershaw but he is producing like an elite pitcher and if he continues on a similar pace he will get strong consideration for the All Star roster. Dickey’s weakest category is his ERA at 3.06. If it weren’t for his April 18th start against the Atlanta Braves where he gave up 8 runs over 4 and a third innings, R.A. would have an ERA of 2.09. One poor start pushed his ERA up nearly a full run, so Dickey has to avoid those poor outings to maintain a strong chance