According to MLBTR: Mariners On Verge Of Signing Chone FigginsThe deal is rumored to be for 4/36.   That's a high price to pay for Figgins in my opinion.   He is a guy who I love his speed and OBP but to me is like an amped up version of Castillo and as he gets older may resemble him more and more.But anyway, this matters to the Mets because they were at one point interested in Figgins for 2B or for LF with potential to play 2B.   How else does this impact them?   It has been rumored that Seattle is in on Lackey.   With Figgins going to a rival team will the Angels now step up their efforts to re-sign Lackey to keep up with Seattle?   It's easy to forget that the M's won 85 games last year and could be a move here or there away from jumping back into competition with the Angels.   For sure having Figgins and Ichiro at the the top of their lineup is a start.Thanks to Whataputz for letting us know the news.