Today down in Jupiter, Florida the Mets are scheduled to take on the Florida Marlins. On the hill for the Mets will be Nelson Figueroa who in all likelihood will be making his last start in a Mets uniform.Figueroa or Figgy as many have become accustomed on calling him has pitched well this Spring as he fights for a job posting a 0.00 ERA with 3walks and 9 strikeouts over 8   innings.Yet even had Figueroa been perfect and never allowed a single hitter to reach base he still would probably find himself on the outside looking in. Why? Who really knows some feel at 35 the game has passed him by and all he will ever be is a AAAA player. Others feel his Spring numbers can't be trusted and will fail as soon as he is put in an actual game that counts. Most likely he is simply a victim of the numbers game being the odd man out with Jonathan Niese being rumored to be the 5th starter and with Pat Misch having just as good of a Spring he will most likely push Figueroa out of a spot in the pen.I don't share those thoughts that just because he is 35 and never really stuck in the majors that Figueroa can't contribute in 2010 but I can understand the reasoning behind them.In any case Figueroa will be putting his perfect era on the line today and after the game will have to decide will he allow the Mets to try and put him through waivers and send him down or will he consider playing overseas across the Pacific as has been reported? Whatever he decides I wish him well.