Here: is the final list of who signed and who didn't from this year's draft.  Altogether the Mets ended up signing 37 of their 51 picks, including their top 12 picks and 19 of their top 20.  The top 2 misses were Kenny Matthew (12th round) and Mason Robbins (20th round), but some guys value going to college over any bonus a team can offer.  More importantly is that after top pick Brandon Nimmo the Mets signed 5 straight pitchers, and signed all of them. Now let's take a quick look at previous drafts to see how they compare on the surface:In 2010, the Mets signed 33 of 49 picks, including their top 19 picks of 31 of their top 33.  Of the 33 who signed, 30 are still playing in the organization with 2 already in AA (Matt Harvey and Matt Den Dekker) and 3 more in Advanced-A.In 2009, the Mets signed 35 of 49 picks, including 26 of their top 28, but only 3 of their top 5.  Of the 35 signed, only 16 are still actively playing in the organization, and none are playing above A-ball.In 2008, the Mets signed 42 of 52 picks, including 31 of their top 33.  Of the 42 that signed, half (21) are still in the organization, 1 is on the 40 man roster (Ike Davis) and 10 more are either in AA or AAA.In 2007, the Mets signed 34 of 42 picks, including their top 11 and 27 of their top 30.  Of the 34 that signed, 13 are still in the organization and 3 are on the 40-man roster.From 2006, the Mets have one player on the major league roster (Daniel Murphy) and 2 still in the organization.From 2005, 5 players (4 pitchers) drafted are currently on the major league roster, including Pedro Beato who did not sign at the time.The 2007 draft has contributed some good pieces, and still has a handful of guys who still have a chance to contribute in the big leagues, although it's unlikely.The 2008 gave the Mets Ike Davis, which is already an adequate contribution.  There are also a handful of guys on the verge of getting to the big leagues, and a few more with outside shots.The 2009 draft has largely been a disappointment so far with the players that are actually left progressing slowly and only a few guys with any kind of chance at getting to the majors.The 2010 draft has performed extremely well in their first year and a half, and could produce a few major league contributors as soon as the end of 2012, with several more possibilities in following years.