I hope someone wrote everything down.I hope that someone took notes on exactly what they did with Jose Reyes regarding his hamstring injury because it was finally done the right way.  Did you like the results?  What I saw last night was an athlete at 100%.Considering the Mets track record with injuries, it was nice to see.So I'll tip my hat to either Alderson, Collins, or the Medical Staff on a job well done.Now it's time to learn from history and not make the same mistake with another player coming off the DL.David Wright is now rehabbing and doing quite well.  Yea, he looks like he's healthy, Yea, he's hitting the ball well, and yea, he can field his position.  But my question is:  Can he hit a major league pitching?  I'm taking a wild guess and say "NO"-not yet anyway.So here's my solution:  When Wright comes off the DL, bat him sixth-put him either in front of behind Bay but do not, under any circumstances, bat him in the top five of the line-up-not yet anyways.Last year, both Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo were brought off the DL and inserted into the line-up.  Neither player was ready however, whether is was the front office (Omar) or Management (Manuel), they were inserted simultaneously and, with their lack of hitting, killed what little spark the Mets had in the first half. I know this case is different, but in a way, it's similar.  David Wright is not ready to hit in the top of the line up.  Don't put Wright in that same situation as Beltran of last year.  He already puts enough pressure on himself to perform.  If Collins bats him third, he'll start pressing and we all know what that brings.David Wright has not played at the Major League level in two months.  He's coming off a major injury that might have taken some of his bat speed away.  Don't put him at the top of the line-up yet.  Let him get acclimated to the pitching.  Give him a week.  Ease him in.When he's ready to hit and seems to have his swing back, then Terry can bat him third or fourth or wherever.Until then, learn from history-please!