Yes that appears to be our theme of 2011.  The team "seems" to be playing much harder than last year.  I often wonder if scrubs give the notion of playing harder because they have no talent?  Much like the David Eckencrappy, but I digress.  They do seem at least this year to have a knack for coming back only to fall short where as last year there was no comeback at all.  Tonight against a great pitcher and a great pitching staff the Mets pounded out 14 hits yet only scored 4 runs and left 16 runners on base with the game ending on a Murphy double play.  Speaking of Murphy, he will appear later in the "credits".Capuano looked very good again.  Going 6 strong innings giving up only 4 hits, 2 runs while striking out 8 Philly batters.  Beato recovered to pitch a clean 7th inning.  There's where the good pitching ended.Offensively every position player other than Tejada had a base hit and I would imagine all were left on base at some point.  Even Tejada was left on when he worked a 16 pitch walk in the 8th.  Offensively the star for the Mets was Justin Turner again who was 4/5 with a double and an RBI but typical of the night, no runs.  Jose Reyes also had a fine night going 2/5 with 3 runs scored after also reaching on an error from Utley.Yet even with all of the runners left on base the Mets had found a way to chase Oswalt and take the lead in the bottom of the 7th.  After a Reyes double and a Turner single the Mets had a 3-2 lead.  In the top of the 8th inning the Mets turned to Izzy.  Izzy clearly did not have his best stuff giving up 2 hits, a walk and the tying run.  I do give him credit for being able to battle back and keep the game tied going into the bottom of the 8th.  The Mets went scoreless in the 8th setting the stage for Krod to try and preserve the tie and allow the Mets a chance to win in the bottom of the 9th.Krod, like Izzy did not have his best stuff.  While Krod has been excellent for well over a month now the flood gates broke loose on him tonight as he allowed his first run since mid-April.  While he was at it he allowed 2 more.  As a Krod apologist though much of the damage was due to sloppy play.  Again, finding a way to lose.  After getting the first out, Krod, who had never given up a run to the Phillies, gave up a single to Carlos Ruiz.  Then with a runner on first and a 1-2 count Krod threw strike three ball two and a few pitches later gave up a base hit barely to the 1st base side of Tejada's glove.  Now with runners on 1st and 2nd Krod was face with a situation he has been great in this season, RISP.  Krod promptly gets Dominic Brown to ground into the inning ending double play to Murphy "single" past Murphy into RF plating a run to give up the lead.  Murphy has been solid at 1B this year however this was a no doubt error that Krod will pay the victim for.  With the Mets top of the lineup due up limiting the damage was at a premium.  A pop fly to middle RF was yet another source of poor defense as Beltran had a great chance to peg Martinez at home but unleashed a throw off his heels as he appeared to misjudge how deep the ball was hit.  Martinez squeaked by to give the Phillies a 2 run lead.  After a single to Utley the Mets defense did them no favor again as an IF single to Tejada lead to a safe runner at 2B and yet another run to score.  Frankie's night was done.  .2 innings 5 hits, 3 runs and mistakenly all 3 earned.  As I said Krod has been great, he has got to get outs there, but that was sloppy baseball at its finest and you will not beat the Phillies playing that type of baseball.In the bottom of the 9th the Mets fought back to score a run and had the tying runner on base as Murphy grounded into a game ending double play.Man this is certainly hard to watch.  At least Angel Pagan looked good at the plate and is a welcome addition to the AAA lineup.  Reyes and Turner continue to perform and Capuano has proven to be a professional back of the rotation starter.  Unfortunately that's about what we got going for us right now.