As you know (since we posted it a few times).. Dirty and I attended the Red Sox at Mets game in Port St Lucie on Sunday.  In addition to meeting Ted Berg of TedQuarters , we got to see some great action, talk to some Mets players and take some pictures.We specifically had a short but good conversation with Jon Niese and (as expected) he doesn't buy the media hype about how bad of a team they may be and are excited to get to the season and see what they can do as a group.  He also doesn't feel Spring training being any different this year than any other in his career and he is excited to use his cutter more in the upcoming season.  Assuming they can shy away from anymore major injuries, they have a lot of confidence together.Dirty and I will be heading back down this Sunday and more than likely one or both of us will get to a game each weekend throughout the rest of spring training, and likely Opening Weekend in Miami.We will attempt to report more next week, but I know at least for myself, this has been a busy week in "the real world", but please enjoy some of the pictures we took here!Please keep following @nleastchatter and @realdirtymets on twitter for Spring Training updates when we go!