It's June 4, 2012, and the Mets are tied for first place.Before the season, Sports Illustrated predicted the Mets would win 75 games.  That's what most of us Mets fans figured they'd win.  Michael Kay, the Yankees play-by-play man and WFAN ESPN Radio blowhard reckoned the Mets would win 50 games this year.Well, here on June 4th, the Mets have won 31 games, and are locked in a 3-way tie for first with the upstart Washington Nationals, and the big-spending Miami Marlins.  No one would have expected this, but then again, no one would have expected the Mets first ever no-hitter, either.We all figured the lineup would be good.  And it has been, for the most part.  In the MLB, they're 9th in runs, 10th in batting average, and 5th in OBP.  The starting rotation has been insane, thanks mostly to the miracle man, Johan Santana, and the man who has re-invented the knuckleball, R.A. Dickey.  Jon Niese pitched a fine 6 innings last night, but left because of dizziness.  His stamina is still in question.  The bullpen has been the Achilles' Heel, even after the money spent on reliable, veteran relievers like Rauch, Francisco, and Ramirez.But, on June 4th, the Mets are in first place.  Anybody see that coming?