Wilmer demoted, will continue at shortstop

According to Adam Rubin, Mets "slugger" Wilmer Flores has been sent to AAA to continue working at SS.  Flores, defensive whiz Dekker and the forgotten Captain Kirk have all been pushed over to the minor league side. 

Of course blogs and posters across the irate Mets world are fuming.  But like with the Mejia situation that is bound to not end the way fans want either, is there method behind the move that is justifiable?  That's the thing that gets lost in the world of TRAID him now.  There are logical reasons that can exist even if you don't agree with them. 

Wilmer Flores can hit, we can all feel it.  He has a future in the organization, otherwise I think he would have been traded by now.  Is it shortsighted that he is now playing SS this spring after giving up the position years ago?  I think so.  Obviously I think Alderson had other plans for SS and perhaps still does but for now, he's stuck with Ruben Tejada which makes Flores all the more attractive.  So why not start out the season, in a season many are declaring DOA, with Flores as the SS and let him learn on the job?  That for sure is one school of thought.  However, I think I see the other.  

Playing in NY is obviously tough.  I think that is why (albeit in FLA) that Flores did not get a lot of time at SS to start the spring.  Why wreck a kids confidence in SS, knocking the rust off with every play you make being over analyzed?  I love AA and MMO but there is a perfect example out there right now showing a normal SS play in the hole to the right and using it as an example of how he can play the position.  Then there is video out there showing a botch.  It's spring training for a young kid who hasn't spent time at the position in years, imagine if the first times back out there were in a game with everyone watching.  The Mets in my opinion have done the right thing by bringing him along slowly.  Having him first come in later in the game, then start a few games.  

Which leads us back to the first question.  If they believe he is a serious candidate for SS, perhaps the best case is indeed to have him head to AAA for a few more weeks to fine tune the position and be there as a spark after a month. 

Am I happy with Ruben Tejada starting at SS?  No.  I have already declared that if the opening day lineup consist of Davis and Tejada then I will consider the off-season a failure.  However, that situation in my opinion is separate from the Flores decision.  You have a young kid that you have to do right by.  Throwing him to the wolves to play SS opening day in New York before he has had a chance to really play there everyday in games that count (even if it is in the minors) could impact the bat we know he has and end the SS experiment before it even starts. 

So for Flores, what can he do?  Go down to the minors play his butt off at SS and most likely some 2B and do what he does, tear the cover off the ball.  This guy is still a kid and the Mets aren't holding him back or destroying his confidence, in fact they are showing in my opinion that they do care and he is part of their future.

Could I be wrong?  Sure.  That's my original point.  As bloggers, commenters, observers, why is it that we can't see both sides of an issue?  I suppose it's human nature but just like the Dice-K vs Mejia situation, not everything is black and white.