In an article by Jesse Sanchez for Caribbean spotlight on Mets' Martinez (Hat tip to Metsblog for the link)Martinez expresses some frustration on his situation with the Mets and mainly the acquiring of Gary Matthews Jr.
"When Beltran had surgery, I thought I had a chance, and maybe they would give me a chance at center," Martinez said. "But they get Matthews Jr., and now I'm not sure where I am. I just can't give up."
Even more disturbing to me is the following quote:
"I know I'm a big league player, and I can perform at a high level," Martinez said. "It's in my hands, so I have to keep working hard and maybe earn a spot. Maybe I make it to the big leagues with the Mets or maybe another team, but I know I can do it. I just have to keep working and waiting for my opportunity."
Fmart is in a tough spot.   He has been touted as a superstar since the Mets signed him and he started puberty the same day.   After falling victim to the Jose Reyes plan of impress, injured, depress, injured, repeat, Fmart looked to be poised to make a run last season.   His AAA line was a very impressive .290 BA with an .877 OPS. Just when things were starting to click, Fmart was rushed to the big leagues as a savior and replacement for Beltran. He looked over-matched and scared. Then another injury, just because he played on the big league team and that's what the Mets do.   After struggling in the regular season of winter league ball, Martinez came out on fire in the playoffs and earned a spot on the post season roster.   His team is managed by Mets AAA manager Ken Oberkfell.Oberkfell had the following to say about his best AAA player:
"He had some nagging injuries, but he's in better shape. He really had a great Dominican championship. He's been swinging the bat well, and he's ready for Spring Training."
This will be a big season for Fmart.   My hope is that he starts hot in ST, continues that in AAA and forces his way to the show.   Until then we should all remember that this kid still has a ton of potential and I hope he realizes it as a Met.